The new smart pest control method, for now and the future.

The new smart pest control method, for now and the future.

Introducing Xignal Solution: Old Tech meets High Tech

If pests such as mice and rats are giving you trouble, you want only one thing: to get rid of them as soon as possible. In an easy, hygienic and environmentally-safe manner, that doesn’t cost too much time, money and effort. Because you obviously have better things to do than constantly check mouse traps. That’s simply too time-consuming and labour-intensive, particularly when you have one or more large infested buildings to free of mice. So surely there must be another way.

Fortunately, there is now an innovative, intelligent and sustainable solution to this problem: the Xignal solution of Dimo Systems! As well as saving you time, money and labour, digital monitoring also provides you with online real-time information 24/7. In short, it’s the smart, fast and effective end-to-end solution – from sensor to online portal – you are looking for!

Dimo Systems – a specialist in digital monitoring – offers unique pest control solutions via our patented Xignal system, comprising such tools as motion sensors and thermometers. We deliver worldwide to PCOs, wholesalers and companies seeking to create a safe and hygienic environment. And we are only too happy to help them achieve that.

We are keen to share our expertise in pest control and our enthusiasm about our innovative pest products with you. Curious to find out the available options? Call or email us for a no-obligation meeting or more information.

“OptaScan has already been using Xignal mouse traps for several years, not because we want to spend less time with our customers (large food companies), but precisely to devote more time to the structural prevention and resolution of pest infestations. That's why Xignal traps fit the OptaScan pest control systems so well ”.

Loek Kloosterman